Need mobile barber for disabled senior in board/care facility in Glendora

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Glendora, CA
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Brother is very ill due to diabetes. He was a teacher for 20 years but unfortunately, he had to take a disability retirement years ago due to poor health. Years ago he had 2 toe amputations on left foot. Recently, was hospitalized and had 2 operations including toe amputation on right foot. Since he can no longer take care of himself, we had to find a board & care facility in Glendora. Most of his check is being utilized for monthly cost of the facility and only has about $100 left for other expenses. His siblings are helping him out. He needs haircut and shave but he is not able to physically go to a barbershop at this point. His 64th birthday is coming up on July 10th and I would love to surprise him. Please help him. Thank you!