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Haircuts needed for 3 people - 2 in wheelchairs

My husband and I are both in wheelchairs and have trouble traveling to the hair salon. Need a quote for basic haircut and possible beard trim for both my husband and son and haircut for me.
Winter Park

in-home haircut zip code 63385

I need a barber to cut my 80 year-old wife's hair at the Parklane Care and Rehabilitation Center, 401 Mar-Le Drive, Wentzville, MO 63385. Reasonable price will be paid with cash


My Mom had a stroke in 2006 and is 86 years old. She is now experiencing the beginnings of dementia Her gait is limited. She always went to a barber and got a buzz cut. I need someone to come to her home and give her a buzz cut.
New York

Hair Stylist Wanted for in home services

A hair trim and styled. Hair on long side. Want it a little longer than shoulder length. I'm in home. Rotary cuff problem. I had my hair done by this service before I had moved. . $35.00 payment $15.00 tip Like to have it done around 4/1/2019. Anytime during the…
Highlands (Monmouth County)
New Jersey

Need cut and color for wheelchair and mostly home bound client

I am 49 yrs., wheelchair bound, and can stand for very limited amounts of time (1-2 min.) if needed. I’m looking for someone to cut and color my hair in my apartment. I am new to this process and this website. I have no idea what is typically charged in…

Haircut for 6 y.o. boy with autism in Wood Ridge, NJ

I am looking for someone who can come to our home to give our 6 y.o. son with autism a haircut. We live in Wood Ridge, NJ.
Wood Ridge
New Jersey
Need in home service My male friend has cerebral palsy want him to get a cut in home his birthday

Need in home service My male friend has cerebral palsy want him to get a cut in home his birthday

He can no longer get in the barber chair due to his cerebral palsy he is willing to pay $40.00 tip included. He lives in a secured apartment building in the downtown Harrisburg area. I would like to get this done before the 19th of this month for his birthday.


Need someone to cut my husbands hair.He can't make it into a barber shop.Will pay $50. Lives in Perth Amboy,nj
Perth Amboy

barber that shaves and cuts hair who travels to their home

Has trouble walking and getting around. Shave,from $14.00-$30.00 depending on the amount of the beard to be shaved & cut, plus eyebrows to be trimmed. Hair cut $15.00-$25.00 if needed. Plus a tip of $5.00-$8.00 Need service every 2weeks. Thank you.
New York

Sick friend needs barber.

Friend with cancer needs haircut.
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