Welcome! This site is totally FREE and dedicated to individuals living with a disability of any kind. Explore our new type of in home care service if you are experiencing trouble commuting to your local barbershop or salon for a haircut or hair style, and get in contact with a mobile Barber or Hairstylist from your area.

There is no registration needed for clients, you simply only need to post a small amount of contact information via a first name and email or phone number, and also the amount you want to pay for a professional Barber or Hairstylist to come out and provide in-home hair care services.  One of the professional Barbers or Hairstylists who are members of this website and also from your area will view your information and contact you accepting your appointment request.


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58 y.o. man needs haircut after returning home after 3 month stay in hospital.

I would be willing to pay anything fair and tip appropriately, 20%.
Sugar Hill

Barber needed for home bound 86 yr old male

HOME BOUND 86 YR OLD MALE IN NEED OF A BARBER. His name is Ken and lives in Heritage Pines 55+ golfing community in Hudson Florida. He can pay $50 (includes tip). Ken is available for the barber Tuesday thru Friday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. His caregiver is…
Spring Hill

Need a traveling Barber

I'm an 83 year old man who lives in Senior complex of one floor apartments. Due to arthritis travel is extremely difficult.I am willing to pay $100 for a hair cut.

Hair Stylist for blowout/style at Hotel June 10 when visiting Cleveland $40+

I'm a 45-year-old wheelchair user who will be in Cleveland for a work conference. Since an accident, I have trouble moving, including styling hair. I have a stylish bob hair cut and can send a photo. My hair is thick but I have a recent keratin treatment that helps. It…


I am handicapped and cannot walk. I need a barber or hairdresser who will come to my apt. to cut my hair. I can pay $25.00 including tip.
Sayville, N.Y.
New York
Last haircut for my Dad.

Last haircut for my Dad.

73 years old male prior Air Force. 3 days to live and can't travel. He can sit up. Nice military cut is what he it looking for. $40

Home haircut

Male 72 yrs old will pay $35.00 for service need just cut only no shampoo or styljng

Haircut needed for a woman

My mother is home bound from cancer. She is on a bed but still takes care of herself. Unfortunately, her hairstylist can no longer some to her house. She desperately needs a cut she wears her hair short, she dyes it blonde and it is down to her shoulders. Can…
Bronx, NY 10467
New York

Natutal Hairstyle for Grandma

Seeking hairstylist for 85 yo grandma w/limited mobility. Seeking to wash, straighten and braid natural hair texture $50 payment + 20% tip (negotiable).
Washington DC
Washington DC

Haircare for mom

My mom is homebound and I just need her hair cut low and maintained.