Welcome! This site is totally FREE and dedicated to individuals living with a disability of any kind. Explore our new type of in home care service if you are experiencing trouble commuting to your local barbershop or salon for a haircut or hair style, and get in contact with a mobile Barber or Hairstylist from your area.

There is no registration needed for clients, you simply only need to post a small amount of contact information via a first name and email or phone number, and also the amount you want to pay for a professional Barber or Hairstylist to come out and provide in-home hair care services.  One of the professional Barbers or Hairstylists who are members of this website and also from your area will view your information and contact you accepting your appointment request.


No registration is required for Posting To Receive Services, but to view clients contact information Professionals must be logged in.


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Men’s Haircut

I need a Men’s cut. Will pay $50.00 plus $10.00 tip. I’m Mid-age and suffer from PTSD/Anxiety. I don’t leave the house. I would greatly appreciate a hair cut.
New Jersey

Perm Needed for Disabled

I am a 28 year old Africa American female that's in desperate need of a perm. I’m physically disabled and almost completely confined to a wheelchair. I live in an Apartment complex on the second floor. I willing to offer $65.00 dollars plus tip to a hair stylist to come…

Need a haircut at home in Canton, MI

I am in a manual wheelchair ang need a professional haircut at my home in Canton club apartment I will pay $70
Disabled 68 year old male- space coast Florida needs haircut.

Disabled 68 year old male- space coast Florida needs haircut.

68 year old male in wheelchair (can stand using counters or furniture). Would like to get a haircut plus possibly shampoo around$60 plus tip Could use PayPal or MC .
Palm Bay

Need a haircut at my home asap

I was recently injured and can not move for awhile out of house. Meetings next week. Need haircut asap;) wil pay top

Severe Back Problem

In need of a haircut ASAP!...$30/tip
New Jersey

73 year old Cherry Hill man needs a haircut!

Hi, My father suffered a major heart attack about 2 years ago and was hospitalized for 17 months. He has recently returned home to Cherry Hill NJ and is homebound; recovering. He needs a haircut. I can pay $50 for the haircut plus a $10 tip for the service. He…
Cherry Hill

In-home barber needed

Limited mobility senior citizen in Springfield, NJ 07081 needs haircut and beard trim.
New Jersey

Looking for barber to come to me in Pico Rivera

Looking for a barber that can come to me as I am wheelchair and home bound for a trim up top and a clean up of my facial hair No idea what pricing for that would be but if $60 and a tip will cover please contact me
Pico Rivera


Service is for my girlfriend Paula who is basically bedridden that needs her hair cut off, due to the fact that while in hospital one of the nurses washed and braided her hair and since being home I bought and used a shampoo cap like hospital uses and I thought…
Saint Charles
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