Welcome! This site is totally FREE and dedicated to individuals living with a disability of any kind. Explore our new type of in home care service if you are experiencing trouble commuting to your local barbershop or salon for a haircut or hair style, and get in contact with a mobile Barber or Hairstylist from your area.

There is no registration needed for clients, you simply only need to post a small amount of contact information via a first name and email or phone number, and also the amount you want to pay for a professional Barber or Hairstylist to come out and provide in-home hair care services.  One of the professional Barbers or Hairstylists who are members of this website and also from your area will view your information and contact you accepting your appointment request.


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I just need a haircut.

Head Shave and Beard Trim Needed for Disabled

Wheelchair bound, need haircut (shave) and beard trim. I will pay what the going rate is for this service.

Looking for simple in-home haircut

My neighbor is an older gentleman (late 50's) who has trouble leaving his 2nd floor apartment and would like someone to cut his hair in home please. He normally keeps his hair quite short + simple so nothing fancy. Offering $40 if that is appropriate but in my experience he…

77 yr. old, can't speak, uses walker

Husband needs haircut and beard trim. Will pay $40 cash including tip.

Perm Needed for Disabled

I am a 28 year old Africa American female that's in desperate need of a perm. I’m physically disabled and almost completely confined to a wheelchair. I live in an Apartment complex on the second floor. I willing to offer $55.00 dollars plus tip to a hair stylist to come…

Disabled 30 year old woman in need of a trim

Hello my name is Yasmina Perocevic and I am a 30 year old woman who is disabled with Cerebral Palsy. Despite this, I can sit on my own in a chair without a problem. I am in need of a trim/evening out. My mother cut my hair and unfortunately there…

Need a barber for my father, who is wheelchair-bound

Need a barber to visit my dad in-home. He is wheelchair-bound (double amputee) and is uncomfortable leaving the house for this. Would be looking for a haircut and possibly a beard trim. Price negotiable. Would also need someone who isn't allergic to dogs, as my dad has a dog in…

Disabled man in need of haircut & shave

81 Year old retired priest (retired) lives alone in Senior Mobile Home Park. Unable to walk (except for a few feet); I can afford to pay $60.oo including tip. (cash)
92 yr. old, wheelchair bound

92 yr. old, wheelchair bound

In need of a barber for 92 year old father. needs beard trimmed, shave and haircut. Will pay $40.00 for all.