Welcome! This site is totally FREE and dedicated to individuals living with a disability of any kind. You can come here if your experiencing trouble commuting to your local barbershop or salon, and get in contact with a mobile Barber or Hairstylist from your area.

There is no registration needed for clients, you simply only need to post a small amount of contact information via a first name and email or phone number, and also the amount you want to pay for a professional Barber or Hairstylist to come out and provide in-home hair care services.  One of the professional Barbers or Hairstylists who are members of this website and also from your area will view your information and contact you accepting your appointment request.

No registration is required for Posting To Receive Services, but to view clients contact information Professionals must be logged in.

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Need a simple haircut

Need a simple haircut

I’m looking for a hairstylist or barber that can cut my hair at my home. My hair is currently long (about to my shoulders), but I want to cut it short. I am home bound and cannot leave at all due to high anxiety and OCD. I’m willing to pay…
San Dimas

Shut in 80 years old needs haircut

Client is 80 years old. Is wheelchair bound. Extremely difficult to get him up and out. He does not have wheelchair accessible vehicle. Willing to pay and tip &25.00 and $10.00

Blind man needs a reliable barber

Mike is a very nice man he has been blind for 9 years. He has trouble getting to barber. He needs an honest person to come and cut his hair. $20- 10!tip
Rhode Island

Hair cut & Shave

My Egyptian Muslim friend just got out of the hospital and is staying with me. He is still on iv medication and oxygen and cannot take a proper shower. He is in need of a shave and haircut. Nothing fancy, just want him to feel cared for. Man barber only…
New Jersey

Hair cut

My aunt is wheelchair bound and bed bound it’s hard for her to get out and about but she really needs a little spa day and the first things first she wants and needs a hair cut we don’t have much but can try to get a some money if…

Seeking barber services for 99 year old man

Need basic barbering–hair cut, possibly shave for elderly man who sill lives independently in private home in Lakewood, NJ. You tell me what a fair rate is for visiting barber services.
Lakewood, NJ
New Jersey

Hair cut for elderly mom

Hi. I am seeking someone to give my elderly mom a haircut. She keeps her hair short so it really needs some shaping. She lives in Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. She is able to -pay between $30-$40. Please contact me when you can. Thank you.
New York

Elderly Woman w/ Aphasia Needs a Hairstylist

I'm a Social Worker in Brooklyn, NYC. I found your service after a google search. I'd like to know if you or anyone you're able to link me to offers hair stylist services in the Brooklyn area (for an elderly woman diagnosed with aphasia). Please respond via this e-mail. Thank…

in inglewood. i need a barber or hair cut stylist for my disabled 15 yo son

my boy is starting hs and needs a hair cut pls help

My Dad needs a haircut

My Dad has ALS and dementia. He is unable to walk. He needs a basic haircut.
Hoffman Estates
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